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I am learning about finite state machines using MIPS. I was given this diagram linked above and told that it currently supports add, sub, slt, and, or lw, sw, beq, & j. I was asked to write any new signals, states, or transitions needed to implement the instruction nor

I know nor in MIPS is an R-type instruction, because R-type instructions are already implemented in this FSM doesn't that mean that nor is already a supported instruction and nothing needs to be done?

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Be certain you understand whether your assignment refers to the logical operation NOR or the assembly-language instruction nor. If it means the logical operator, then you'll have to think about the different forms of NOR:


nor  t0, t2, t3    ; R-type nor

nori t0, t2, 0x4A  ; I-type nor

See this page for more information about instruction types.

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