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I have a test footest.py which runs with mysql database, and the same test runs on psql database, is there a way to distinguish this difference in an XML result file between the two tests.

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Why not trying to create a base_test_class.py with a base test class class BaseSQLTest(unittest.TestCase) that contains all your tests, and 2 other files mysqltest.py and psqltest.py that contains 2 inherited classes (class MySQLTest(BaseSQLTest) and class PSQLTest(BaseSQLTest)) for your MySQL and PSQL tests.

Doing this will split your tests in the resulting XML.

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Just found out that i can also use --xunit-prefix code.google.com/r/jsiirola-python-nose-clone/source/browse/nose/… –  kamal Jun 30 '11 at 4:28

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