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my %parameters = (
                        key => 'value'
my $response = $ua->get('', %parameters);

I'm trying to get content of,but after debugging I found the %parameters are stored in http headers instead of url parameters.

What's wrong in my code?

Though perldoc tells me that :

$ua->get( $url , $field_name => $value, ... )

But it should also work if I put those parameters in a %parameters,right?

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The additional parameters to get are HTTP headers. For GET requests, arguments are included in the URL itself, URLencoded. You can use the URI module to create the appropriate URLs including GET variables, or construct them yourself (probably using URI::Escape to urlencode the values).


my %parameters = (
                        key => 'value'
my $url = URI->new("");
my $response = $ua->get($url);
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From the fine manual:

$ua->get( $url )
$ua->get( $url , $field_name => $value, ... )
This method will dispatch a GET request on the given $url. Further arguments can be given to initialize the headers of the request.

Emphasis mine. You're misreading the documentation, the extra parameters for get() are HTTP header fields, not CGI parameters. If you want to include some CGI parameters then you'll have to add them to the URI yourself (preferably with URI).

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