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Is there a working solution for connecting a Linux client to a Checkpoint NG VPN server ?

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It looks like Checkpoint only created one Checkpoint NG VPN Client for Linux (warning PDF file) and it was for Redhat Linux 7.2/7.3 (pre-Fedora).

It appears as if there is an open source solution that is part of IPsec Tools named racoon. Here is the Racoon's Support Matrix.

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It is possible to connect to a Checkpoint NGX firewall using Shrew Soft VPN client ("ike" in the Debian repository). I had to jump through various hoops to get it working as the official guide definitely doesn't cover everything. The following should get you started but I will happily expand these hints into a more useful guide if anyone is attempting this and gets stuck.

iked -d 6 -F

Gives you the debug output from your ike daemon (essential).

I was able to convert my .p12 certificate to two x.509 .crt files and a .pem with the private key using OpenSSL, without importing/exporting on a Windows box.

This guy doesn't manage to connect, but he'd got a few things right that I hadn't, including specifying the Phase 1 & 2 encryption algorithms, which were the final piece of the jigsaw for me.

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The official CheckPoint client: "SSL Network Extender (SNX)" works good for me.

The installation script snx_install.sh can be downloaded from here or usually from the web page (https) of your server address.

Put your login credential on the configuration file: $HOME/.snxrc and launch it:

$ cat $HOME/.snxrc
server firewall.yourserver.com
certificate /home/youruser/pathto/youruser.p12

$ snx
Check Point's Linux SNX
Please enter the certificate's password:

It will create a tunsnx point-to-point interface to your network.

Notice that the package contains only 32bits binaries. so a 32bits linux system or support for multi-arch (debian/ubuntu) is required.

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I installed it and all but, how exactly do I launch it? Could you please describe? I'm kinda lost –  alfetopito Aug 8 '13 at 19:23
Just create a configuration file on your home folder where you put the address of your firewall and the path to your certificate: $ cat ~/.snxrc ** server firewall.yourserver.com certificate /home/youruser/pathto/youruser.p12 ** and launch it like that: $ snx ** Check Point's Linux SNX build XXXXXXXX Please enter the certificate's password: ** –  Zskdan Sep 18 '13 at 22:32

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