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Do you know software support assist for Visual C++ 2010 Express ?, as Visual Assist X for Visual Studio

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No, the Express editions don't support add-ons. – Hans Passant Jun 29 '11 at 4:45
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Installing any plugin requires running the IDE in Integrated Mode (rather than Isolated Mode), which means you'll need a full version of Visual Studio. The express editions simply don't have the feature.

Couple of options to get a version capable of Integrated Mode:

  • If you are a university student, you can download a full version of Visual Studio from MSDNAA.
  • If you are a student where MSDNAA is not available, you can still get the full copy from DreanSpark if you can show proof of being a student. (A report card should suffice)
  • You could purchase the full version of Visual Studio -- I'm assuming this is probably cost prohibitive.
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