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I have a simple html program. It has a link, targeted to a pdf file. Please see the program here filename : invoice.html

<a href="file://C:/invoice.pdf" target="_blank">My invoice</a>

Here when I click on the link, pdf file will be open. Working well.

Then I called the same file from my localhost wamp server. http://localhost/invoice.html.

But When I call the same program from my localhost, my link is not working!!!

Can you explain me why it is not working or how I can activate the link. Is there any option in Apache server or php settings ?

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What's an "out side drive"?

I have a simple html program

HTML is not a programming language - its a data construct / declaration.

Here when I click on the link...Working well....http://localhost/invoice.html...not working

Does that mean that it works when you load the HTML file directly from your filesystem?

why it is not working or how I can activate the link

Certainly it has got nothing to do with Perl, PHP, Apache nor WAMP (the tags on your post). The problem is on your browser.

Is there any option in Apache server or php settings ?

No - because the problem is strictly client side.

I assume that the target file exists on the machine where you are running the browser.

It would have helped if you'd said which browsers you had tested this with. I would have expected it to have worked. Did you get an error message?

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did you check if apache server is running on localhost? try to stop and restart the server and check if it works.

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Yes its working well, that is why the page invoice.html loaded well , but link to outside directly is not working. –  Jothis Jun 29 '11 at 5:26

The link points to the C:\invoice.pdf on the client side. I wonder if this is what you want. It's more likely that you setup another Directory and alias in httpd.conf which points to C:\, then change the link accordingly.

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I can keep some files in outside server. Using a php/js program I wish to open all these files from local web sever site. –  Jothis Jun 29 '11 at 5:29

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