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I am developing a Iphone App. I need to know whether we can execute multiple insert statements in a batch at once using sqlite3 database. As we do this in Core java in JDBC bt using execute_batch can we do the same using sqlite3 database?Can any one guide me how can i do this using sqlite3 by providing any code or link?

Thanks, Shradha

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You can do it by performing next queries:

INSERT ....;
INSERT ....;
INSERT ....;
INSERT ....;

Be careful with TCL, sqlite3 won't perform any DML and DDL till transaction will be COMMIT.

With using statements you won't be able to perform few commands at once if they separated by ';', statement prepare have pointer at which it will place commands which won't be performed int this statement.

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We can pass multiple statements separated by a semicolon. Example: "delete from table1;delete from table2;" This will delete the contents of table1 and table2. Similarly we can create insert statements.

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