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The concept of my script is

  1. show a textarea.

  2. when I start giving input to the textarea, it'll show the second textarea.

  3. In the same way, when I start to input sometext in the second textarea, it'll show the other one and so on.

html :

<div id="question">
    Question 1:<br />
    <textarea rows="7" cols="72"></textarea>

javascript :

var num = 1;
                    <br />Question '+num+':
                    <br /><textarea rows="7" cols="72">

the problem :

when I input some word on textarea1, it shows textarea2. but, when I input word again on textarea1, it will show a different textarea.

can any one please help me? I don't get the idea for checking on my javascript.

Thank you

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Curious who downvote this question? –  Liangliang Zheng Jun 29 '11 at 5:16
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Try this, just a simple demo, http://jsfiddle.net/kCtHn/

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