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I have created an android application where I want to display unicoded bengali sentences.
For this I have done the following steps.

Step1: I store my bengali font named Siyamrupali.ttf in the Assets folder.

Step2: In main.xml file I took a text view where I display characters.

Step3: In my MainActivity. Java I wrote this...

public class mainAc extends Activity 

    AssetManager arabi_font;

    TextView tx;
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) 
            String str="\u0986";
        catch(Exception ex)
            tx.setText("font cannot load: "+ ex.toString() );

Then output show Which one is correct But When i wrote String str="\u0986\u09AE\u09Bf"; In MainActivity. Java

Then output shows আমই But i should be আমি

What can I do now to solve this problem. Any body give me some advice or link or sample code.

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Looks like you just got the codepoint wrong in your literal. Double-check to be sure. – Kerrek SB Jun 29 '11 at 10:02

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\u0986\u09A\u09BF is not a valid unicode character. I am afraid why you didnot get error. please have a look on the following like

Unicode character of Bengali scripts


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Android doesn't have full complex text layout support for all of Unicode yet, and Bengali matras are one feature that isn't rendered right. See issue 5925. Sorry!

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