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I'm looking for something like format() in other programming languages in MySQL query. The expected result is text that has values from other fields.

For example, something like

select formatted from table where formatted=stringformat('some text {0}, {1} some text.', field1, field2)

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how about:

SELECT CONCAT('some text ', field1, ', ', field2, ' some text.') FROM table;
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create a column in query and give it any alias to get result in. see this example.

SELECT ('some text, ' + tb.Col1 + ', ' + tb.Col2)    AS    ColName
FROM   MyTable   tb

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Declare Varchar(max) variable above. set 'ColName' value to variable. and use Variable's value or print to view 'ColName' –  zaib shah Jun 29 '11 at 6:54

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