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As part of some volunteer work for our local school. I was wondering about putting some kind of GUI (Windows) software together to guide the students through the process of factorising polynomials

e.g. a step-by-step guide of how to get from:

x**2 + 2x - 3

to (x + 3)(x - 1)

This would preferably be C# but Java is also OK.

There is commercial software that does this but it's not cheap.

Any suggestions, documentation etc.?

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What exactly would the program take as input? An equation? It seems to me that it's probably easier just to show them a step by step guide done by hand for multiple equations until they get the hang of it. –  Perchik Mar 16 '09 at 18:47
What degree of polynomials do you want to handle? –  quant_dev Mar 27 '09 at 19:29
There are a number of algorithms for finding polynomial roots; they have different strengths. Exactly what "steps" are taught at your school? –  Zac Thompson Jul 29 '09 at 6:37

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I'd be surprised if something like this didn't already exist. Try looking through http://www.educypedia.be/education/calculatorsalgebra.htm?

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I'm not sure what your definition of cheap is, but I believe MS Math ($19.00) will do this.

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xyAlgebra is a tool that's struck me as useful, though I have yet to teach with it. I met the creator at a conference and he was very easy to talk to.

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Given that the general factorisation of a polynomial is (x-A)(x-B)(X-c).... = 0 where A,B,C etc are the roots of the equation then if you are only dealing with 2nd order it would seem quicker to teach them the general solution for a quadratic equation and then plug the roots straight into the general factorisation.

Im not sure how a GUI would help with this.

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If "all" you need to do is set up a step-by-step guide, would it not be sufficient to do a static Flash, HTML or even PowerPoint presentation?

If you're after an interactive application -- do you really want to teach the kids that polynomial factorization is nothing one needs to learn, since there are computer tools that can do it for you? ;)

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