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While trying to compile the linux- kernel, I face this problem:- make: ygcc: Command not found

On a website, I found this solution:- ln -s /usr/bin/gcc ygcc

But it didn't work for me.

My GCC version is: 4.4.1

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Double check that you made sure to make menuconfig (or xconfig) it seems that some variables aren't set correctly.

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lol. I just pressed "enter" many times since I thought it would automatically be a "yes". There are lots of new features, how do I automate the process? –  wajed Jun 29 '11 at 7:52
If you do make menuconfig and then just go and hit save .config file then it should generate the default kernel compilation file with the correct variables. –  Jesus Ramos Jun 29 '11 at 7:54
I will try that now. Thank you. –  wajed Jun 29 '11 at 7:56

Open the .config file to see if the CONFIG_CROSS_COMPILE variable is set properly. From the error message, the most probable setting is


meaning that "y" is the prefix of your cross compiler. Thus, the build system would use ygcc instead of gcc. Also, it will try to find yobjdump instead of objdump.

This variable should only be set when you do want to cross compile the kernel or you have special prefixes to your gcc toolchain. Typically, it should be something like


so that the kernel would use arm-linux-gcc instead of gcc to cross compile for the arm architecture.

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Your ln command is creating a symbolic link; as specified from /usr/bin/gcc to a file called ygcc in your current directory. For this link to be useful:

  1. gcc needs to be at /usr/bin/gcc; if it has a different location you'll need to change that part of the command to an appropriate path.

  2. When you compile the kernel you need to have the ygcc file you have created on your path. Make sure it is on your PATH and/or make the link in a directory which is on your path.

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