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At a certain point in an effects execution i would like to execute some code.

Say for example that i have a move effect on objectA and half way through this effect i want to make objectB disapear.

Is there any functionality built in to the spark effects framework to do this or do i need to implement the effect myself by hand?

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Short of using a timer, I don't think you can with the effect library. However, I recommend you look at TweenMax; it's an amazing animation library that is fast, efficient and has a lot of really cool options (like what you just said).

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Could you use a composite effect like Parallel with a startDelay on the second effect?

    <s:Move target="{target1}" xBy="100" duration="1000" />
    <s:Fade target="{target2}" alphaTo="0" startDelay="500" duration="0" />
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