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I am creating an application in which I am using two plugins. For future use I want to check whether the two plugins are being used together or separately. I need to check if the model exists and if so perform some logic and if not - not. If I try if($this->loadModel('Model')) { etc } I get an error saying the model does not exist which is what I want but I don't want an error which prevents the logic from proceeding.

Basically I want:

if(Model->exists()) { do->this } else { do->somethingelse }

I tried using the php function class_exists() but that returns false regardless of whether the Model exists or not.

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I would use App::objects('model') as of 2.x (Not sure when this was implemented).

class AppController extents Controller {   
   private function _modelExists($modelName){
      $models = App::objects('model');
      return in_array($modelName,$models);

//Somewhere in your logic
   //do model exists logic
} else {
   //do other logic

*Note that App::objects('model') will not include models from plugins. You could do:

$models = array_merge(

You can also do this with pure php as follows

   //do model exists logic
} else {
   //do other logic
// The pitfall of this approach, is that it will not assure 
// that `SomeModel is a decedent of the `Model` class.
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You can do this :

$model = ClassRegistry::init("User");

if $model is null this means that the User model does not exist You can do this from every where in the code

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actually its never null! its the AppModel if the Class cannot be found. you need to check with App::import() which returns a boolean value of success –  mark Jun 29 '11 at 11:03
Hi Mark, thanks that did it. –  Manu Jun 29 '11 at 13:15
wrong, this init a new class, anyway it doesn't match necessary with your declared model –  Antonino Bonumore Dec 31 '11 at 20:56
mark's comment is correct. Also, see stackoverflow.com/questions/9382631/… for a more detailed answer. –  Costa Mar 11 '12 at 1:41

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