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I have a project where I want to display a combo to show dropdown list of directory listing like dialog boxes does.

there is a Win32 API

int DlgDirListComboBox(
   LPTSTR lpPathSpec,
   int nIDComboBox,
   int nIDStaticPath,
   UINT nFileType 

and its c# version (thanks to

static extern int DlgDirListComboBox(IntPtr hDlg, StringBuilder lpPathSpec,
   int nIDComboBox, int nIDStaticPath, uint uFiletype);

but I can't figure out what value should I pass in for nIDComboBox parameter (I tried and handle do not work here!)

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nIDComboBox should be the Win32 Control ID of the combobox. You can get it with another P/Invoke call by passing the control's Handle:

static extern int GetDlgCtrlID(IntPtr hWnd);

But you can also list the directories without resorting to P/Invoke by using Directory.GetDirectories

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