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i am new to jQeury .

i am working on some cookies script which my cookieA(name of cookie) is null(cotain nothing). When a button is clicked , this script will add 10 to the value of cookieA . and when i click the button again , the value 10 will become 20 and so on.

Here's the script :

     $.cookie(cookieA, parseInt($.cookie(cookieA).val(),10) +10 , cookieOptions);

Please help me , this is making the value turn into NaN or null .

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

p/s i'm using the script from Klaus Hartly the author of jquery cookies. p/s Cookieopstions is the settings for the cookies expiry date etc.

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You want to add 10 to the value of the cookie if the cookie is not null ? or are your trying to add 10 to nothing ?

Maybe you could check your cookie first ?

If ($.cookie(cookieA) == null) {
   $.cookie(cookieA, 10, cookieOptions);
} Else {
   $.cookie(cookieA, parseInt($.cookie(cookieA).val(),10) +10 , cookieOptions);

If i did not understand your question, please let me know,



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No , when the button is clicked , it will add 10 to the current existing number . for example , when its null it adds then and it becomes 10 , and when i click the button again it will become 20 . –  edward Jun 29 '11 at 9:17
So what do you get when you debug ? did you try to get each value separately ? Btw, seems like you shouldn't use val() to get the value : stackoverflow.com/questions/6171865/… –  JMax Jun 29 '11 at 11:03

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