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in my project , i kept a UIBarbuttonItem by programming and it is working fine but my problem is. if i click on that it is not blinking like normal UIButton Touch up inside event like. below how i implemented.

UIBarButtonItem *todayButton = [[UIBarButtonItem alloc] initWithTitle:@"Today"
        target:self action:@selector(showTodaysDate)];
[toolBarItemArr addObject:todayButton];
[todayButton release];

how to implement touchup event programmatically

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I think you want the UIBarButtonItem to glow, when you touch on it. Actually it is a behavior of UIButton, not UIBarButtonItem. UIButton has a property showsTouchWhenHighlighted which makes the button to glow on touch, if set YES. There is no way to make a UIBarButtonItem to behave like this.

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UIBarButtonItem Doesn't have any touchupInside event. It can not behave like a UIButton. It also doesn't have selected or disable image. It only have enable or disable state. So you can't replicate it like UIButton.

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You should change the Style into UIBarButtonItemStyleBordered and You don't want to implement any event for the Barbutton Items. Basically Bar button Items works for touch up inside event.

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