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I'm using JasperReports \ iReport crosstabs to create a matrix of student and results.

So for example Jim is doing subjects A, B, C and Sally is doing A, C

What I want is something like:

        Subj-A   Subj-B   Subj-C
Jim          P        M        D
Sally        D                 D 

But as my SQL orders by name then subject I get:

        Subj-A   Subj-B   Subj-C   Subj-A   Subj-C
Jim          P        M        D        
Sally                                   D        D

As you can see in the above the results are correct but the formatting is woeful. Is there anyway I can generate the reports to use names and subject only once and filling in the values from here?

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To follow-up on this.

JasperReports is primarily used to represent the data so the work here needs to be done here via the SQL.

In a case where there is a crosstab of X vs Y we may need to use a cross-join which bacically compute all the combination of X subject and Y students.

After the cross-join we can use an outer-join on the candidate details to find there results. After this it is a basic matter of representation in Jasper.

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help us help you, can you put a drawing or a screenshot on how you expect the result to be –  medopal Dec 15 '09 at 12:55

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