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I have a list activity, in which I show an image and text in a row.

Images are static and these are placed in the drawable folder.

I want to print images and text in next activity while clicking on the list item. I can successfully send text view on the next activity. But I found it difficulty to send an image to the next window. Because these are static.

Can anyone help me on this issue. Thanks in advance.

      public class Myimage extends ListActivity {

        private LayoutInflater mInflater;
        static Vector<RowData> data = new Vector<RowData>();
        RowData rd;
        static boolean fromCategory = false;
        static final String[] title = new String[] {
                "One", "Two", "Three "};

        private Integer[] img = {
        public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        mInflater = 

(LayoutInflater) getSystemService(

    for(int i=0;i<title.length;i++){
    try {
        rd = new RowData(i,title[i]);
        } catch (Exception e) {
       CustomAdapter adapter = new CustomAdapter(this, R.layout.list,
                                         R.id.title, data);

    // This is the List Item Click method which i should work to send the image on next activity.

    public void onListItemClick(ListView parent, View v, int position,
                long id) { 
            Intent intent = new Intent(this,Second.class);

    public class RowData  {

               protected int mId;
               protected String mTitle;

               RowData(int id,String title){
               mTitle = title;

               public void setTitle(String title) {
                this.mTitle = title.trim();

               public String getTitle() {
                return mTitle;
               public void setId(int i){ 
               public int getId(){
                   return mId;

               public String toString() {
                       return mId+" "+mTitle;

          private class CustomAdapter extends ArrayAdapter<RowData> {
          public CustomAdapter(Context context, int resource,
                                int textViewResourceId, List<RowData> objects) {               
         super(context, resource, textViewResourceId, objects);
               public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {   
               ViewHolder holder = null;
               TextView title = null;

               ImageView i11=null;
               RowData rowData= getItem(position);
               if(null == convertView){
                    convertView = mInflater.inflate(R.layout.list, null);
                    holder = new ViewHolder(convertView);
                     holder = (ViewHolder) convertView.getTag();
                     title = holder.gettitle();

                     return convertView;
                    private class ViewHolder {
                    private View mRow;
                    private TextView title = null;

                    private ImageView i11=null; 
                    public ViewHolder(View row) {
                    mRow = row;
                 public TextView gettitle() {
                     if(null == title){
                         title = (TextView) mRow.findViewById(R.id.title);
                    return title;

                public ImageView getImage() {
                     if(null == i11){
                          i11 = (ImageView) mRow.findViewById(R.id.img);
                        return i11;
           } }
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For future user i am writing what i have made in my code to solve it is following : In first activity i wrote public void onListItemClick(ListView parent, View v, int position, long id) { Intent intent = new Intent(Myimage.this,Second.class); intent.setFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK); RowData rd = data.get(position); String temp = rd.getTitle()+"splitter"+img[position]; intent.putExtra("medata", temp); startActivity(intent); } –  Rana.S Jun 29 '11 at 12:45
AND IN SECOND ACTIVITY I WROTE : Bundle extras = getIntent().getExtras(); String tempArr = extras.getString("medata"); String arr[] = tempArr.split("splitter"); int aInt= Integer.parseInt(arr[1]); ImageView image = (ImageView)this.findViewById(R.id.imageView1); image.setImageResource(aInt); TextView tv=(TextView)findViewById(R.id.textView1); tv.setText(arr[0]); Its working. –  Rana.S Jun 29 '11 at 12:45

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You should use Bundle class for sending text and image. I suggest you to send imageid(R.id.imageID) rather than send to hole ImageView.

  //Use It for setting value of Bundle variable 
  Intent intent = new Intent(CourtDetailActivity.thisDrivingDirection.class);
  intent.putExtra("CourtId", courtId);
   //Use It for geting value of Bandle variable 
   Bundle extras = getIntent().getExtras();
   courtId = extras != null ? extras.getString("ImageId") : "";

     //You just copy and past given blow code in your code
     public void onListItemClick(ListView parent, View v, int position,
            long id) { 
        Intent intent = new Intent(this,Second.class);

       intent.putExtra("ImageId", ""+img[position]);


I hope it is helpful to you

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DynamicMind , You suggest me to send Image id . But how can i get Image id. from listview adapter.in my practice i stored images id's in a integer array. when i call getId method of Rowdata class.it returns a numerical value. I am beginner in android. Please do some needful help. –  Rana.S Jun 29 '11 at 10:24
Thanks Thanks a lot DynamicMind. I did it..Hurrhaa... –  Rana.S Jun 29 '11 at 12:10

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