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please help me to compile and run java files by using the following code snipet.

RunTime rt=RunTime.getRunTime();
Process p=rt.exec("//what to write here for compilation of java file");

then how will i catch the response by getInputStream().

please brief me.

thanks in advance

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Actually, starting with Java 6, it's preferable to use the ToolProvider api and use the Compiler programatically:

JavaCompiler javac = ToolProvider.getSystemJavaCompiler();
DiagnosticListener<? super JavaFileObject> listener =
    new DiagnosticCollector<JavaFileObject>();
StandardJavaFileManager javaFileManager =
    javac.getStandardFileManager(listener, Locale.getDefault(), charSet);
javaFileManager.setLocation(StandardLocation.SOURCE_PATH, sourcePaths));
javaFileManager.setLocation(StandardLocation.CLASS_PATH, classPath);
javaFileManager.setLocation(StandardLocation.CLASS_OUTPUT, outputPaths);
CompilationTask task = javac.getTask(
    null, // no output writer
    null, // no Diagnostic Listener
    Arrays.asList("-source", "1.6", "-target", "1.6"),// source level Java 1.6
    null, // no APT processors

And you can pass in a custom DiagnosticListener if you want to process output.

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