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Can we create stored procedure with select, insert, update (multiple SQL statement) in apache derby database connection with Eclipse??

I am a beginner in android development, so please show me the proper way to create and use stored procedure.

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Just to clarify, these are not "stored procedures" in the classic sense that people familiar with Oracle and MS SQL Server would think of them.

Per the link in @Bryan 's answer, as well as the thread Regarding Derby Stored Procedures, these "stored procedures" are compiled Java code, not SQL. That's called PSM and although googling for "Derby PSM" turns up some interesting results, it doesn't look fully-baked yet.

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Apache Derby certainly has stored procedures. Start here for some good information: http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/DerbySQLroutines

I'm not sure about the "android development" part, though.

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It is absolutely possible to create a stored procedure in Derby. To do so, you:

  1. Craft stored procedure logic using the Java programming language
  2. Package and deploy the Java logic to Derby
  3. Create a stored procedure that wraps / calls the Java logic.
  4. Call the stored procedure using JDBC.

This post provides a step by step walkthrough describing exactly how to perform the above 4 steps.

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