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All files seems to have run through the build script without any problems except my HTML files. They get added to my publish folder but are completely empty. I have tried both ant build and ant minify.

If i comment out this line file.pages.default.include = index.html, 404.html the files don't get emptied.

One more weird thing happend to. My generated css version started at around 40 the first time i ran the script. Doesn't matter at all really. Just a bit odd.

Update: I noticed i get this error. ERROR: For JavaScript or CSS compression YUI compressor jar file must be present in the same directory as HtmlCompressor jar.

Read a thread where Paul Irish was saying that updating to the latest htmlcompressor jar should solve it. I did that but some reference somewhere needs to be updated with the new filename to cause now i get an error saying that the htmlcompressor jar couldn't be found.

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Can you add a link to the project or post the code? – bakoyaro Jun 29 '11 at 13:05
Sure, the project can be downloaded from here I have version 1.1 and i haven't changed anything in the config files. – Johan B Jun 29 '11 at 13:42
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For those who have the same issue, this has just been answered at the mobile boilerplate site:

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