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I have to extract some code of the web page: *http://www.bebesymas.com/edades/bebes-de-menos-de-6-meses/bebe-de-4-meses The problem that I have is what I would like to extract is when I click on the icon "Leer Mas". With Firebug I see that it seems that it executes some Ajax code. How could I extract the correct URL to can extract what I want. Many thanks and sorry for my English

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If you look at the NET tab in Firebug, you will see that when clicking the link it fetches this URL:


Now if you search the HTML for 27211 you will find this:

enter image description here

So you just need to grab the productid and the postid from those two elements and then construct the URL like so:


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Many thanks! A question, how do you see that when you click on the link it gives you the url:bebesymas.com/json/productdesc/20351/27211. With firebug, If I set the mouse in the link "Leer Mas" it gives me: <div class="read-more"> <a class="moredesc" rel="nofollow" href="#" style="display: inline;">Leer más</a> </div> –  user650034 Jun 29 '11 at 11:22
You want to use the NET tab in Firebug. That will show you all the requests and responses that are made. –  Acorn Jun 29 '11 at 11:30

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