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I have created a cache in the web sphere which will be shared by multiple applications and i wanted to make one entry in the created cache to not to expire. How can i make it ?

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1 that cache? Perhaps you could be a bit more descriptive? –  Rick Jun 30 '11 at 0:24

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Are you deriving/using WebSpheres dyna-cache (DistributedObjectCache)? How are you creating your cache instance?

The DistributedObjectCache (through it's DistributedMap parent) defines a "put" method overload that accepts a TTL for the individual cache entry. If you want to set the TTL for the entire cache, there is conversely a setTimeToLive(int) method in DistributedMap


Worth noting is that the TTL is not available as a configuration option in the (or the admin console Resources/Cache Instances/Object cache instances), it has to be set programatically using setTimeToLive()

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Thanks for this information. I observe default time to live around 5 minutes. I suppose there is a default TTL, is that right ? And how can we configure it with no code (as property name/value through the administrative console ?) –  kij Apr 17 at 14:50

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