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i have jqgrid with the following structure :

datatype: "json", 
colNames:[ ' ' , 'Id', 'Pays' , 'Category', 'SubCategory','Hidden','Group name','Title', 'Libelle','Etat', 'Pds'], 
        {name: 'myac', width:100, fixed:true, sortable:false, resize:false, formatter:'actions', formatoptions:{keys:true}}, 
        {name:'id', key : true, index:'id',width:50}, 
        {name:'country',index:'country_id' ,edittype:'select', editoptions:{value:{32:'Belgique',1000:'Canada',33:'France', 352:'Luxembourg',41:'Suisse'}},width:50 , editable :true},
        {name:'category', index:'category_id', editable :true,width:80,edittype:'select',editoptions: {dataUrl:'manage_groups_controller.php?module=category',dataEvents :[{ type: 'change', fn: function(e) {var thisval = $(;$.get('manage_groups_controller.php?module=subcat&catid='+thisval, function(data){$("#subcategory_id").html(data);});}}]}},
        {name:'subcategory',index:'subcategory_id', editable :true,width:100,edittype:'select',editoptions: {dataUrl:'manage_groups_controller.php?module=subcat&catid='}}, 
        {name:'hidden',index:'hidden',width:60,edittype:'select', editable :true,editoptions:{value:{O:'Oui',N:'Non'}}}, 
        {name:'title',index:'title',width:300,editable:true, edittype:'textarea',editoptions: {rows:"5",cols:"27"},editrules:{required:true}},
        {name:'libelle', index:'libelle',width:300,editable:true, edittype:'textarea',editoptions: {rows:"5",cols:"27"},editrules:{required:true}},
        {name:'etat', index:'etat', editable :true,width:30,edittype:'select', editoptions:{value:{A:'Active',D:'Desactive'}}},
        {name:'pds', index:'pds', editable :true,width:30,editrules:{required:true},formatter:'integer'}
rowNum:10, width:700, 
pager: '#pfrmac', 
sortname: 'id', 
viewrecords: true, 
sortorder: "asc", 
jsonReader: {  root: "rows", 
      page: "page", 
      total: "total", 
      records: "records", 
      repeatitems: true, 
      cell: "cell"

      } , 
caption: "Gestion des groupes", 
height: '100%', 
width: '100%', 
editurl : 'manage_groups_controller.php?module=group'


i have two somes problemes with inline edit on the rows Category and SubCategory:

1- when a categroy option selected the subcategory slectbox must be populated with option related to the category selectBox, the $.get function work fine , but i don't find how to put returned html to the Subcategory row.

2- on edit of the subcategory row i have to populate the select box with option related the the current category option , i can't find how to to pass the value to editoptions: {dataUrl:'manage_groups_controller.php?module=subcat&catid= ?????????'}

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Probably you will find the answer on your question here – Oleg Jun 30 '11 at 8:04
the first problem was resolved using {name:'category', index:'category_id', editable :true,width:80,edittype:'select',editoptions: {dataUrl:'manage_groups_controller.php?module=category',dataEvents :[{ type: 'change', fn: function(e) {var thisval = $(;$.get('manage_groups_controller.php?module=subcat&catid='+this‌​val, function(data){$("#"+$('id')+"_subcategory").ht‌​ml(data);});}}]}}, still the second one how to pass category value to the dataUrl of subcategory edit option??? – NoOneElse Jul 2 '11 at 0:34
no help please ? – NoOneElse Jul 5 '11 at 9:16

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