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In my javaee application,I want to show a listing of items to the user and also let the user edit quantity of the items by entering value in a text field and clicking an 'update' link.I used doGet() in servlet for showing the listing of items.

Since update of an item is a modifying operation,I thought it should be in doPost() of the servlet. I have seen most form submission done by clicking a submit button..But ,I am wondering if I can do the submission of data using a link

Similarly ,I want to let the user remove items by clicking on Remove links.

Please tell me how I can write this jsp code,sothat clicking on 'Update' link would call doPost() of my servlet

<c:url value="viewcart" var="updateqtyurl">

<input type="text" name="quantity" value="${cartitem.quantity }"><a href="${updateqtyurl}">update</a>


<c:url value="viewcart" var="removefromcarturl">
    <c:param name="bookToRemoveId" value="${}" />
<a href="${removefromcarturl}" ><img src="remove.png" alt="Remove"></a>
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Add something like this in your Update link:

<a href="javascript:itemsForm.submit()">Update</a>

itemsForm is the id of the form containing the textfields

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thanks for that one..but is it possible to do without javascript? – markjason72 Jun 29 '11 at 14:09

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