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I have MASTER and SLAVE configured (ssh-slave-plugin).

I would like to display output of the slave executed script under job on master, as so far I get

Building remotely on SubAgent
Triggering SubAgent
Triggering a new build of XXXX #126
Finished: SUCCESS

and that is all. So the whole execution is hidden.

Is there any way to do that?

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I am using the same master-slave configuration (ssh) on Hudson and all the logs are visible on the Hudson Interface.
There might be a couple of things that you can check:

  1. What tool are you using to build (eg, ANT, MAVEN...). Check the execution if the logs are being produced at all
  2. Check the Console Output [raw]
  3. Manage Hudson > Manage Nodes > Select the Slave > Configure
    • Make Sure that "Remote FS root" is mentioned.
    • Check Launch Method. I am Connecting to my slaves via jnlp (I believe this could be the key)


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Go to Nodes, choose the node (or hover on the name) and select Build History. The logs of the job that ran on the slave node will be there.

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