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I have spreadsheet with certain data. I would like to programmatically dump this to CSV file. How can I do this using java?

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probably a copy of… – Andreas Jun 29 '11 at 12:08

You could use one of the APIs that allow you to read Excel files. Personally, I like JExcelApi best. It is really easy to learn and use.

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Here I am using OpenCsv API and Apache-POI.TO read excel file and writing CSV File.

public void ExcelTOCSV(){
    CSVWriter writer=null;
    int columnLength =0;
    int i =0;String[] rowData;
    HSSFCell cell = null;HSSFSheet sheet=null;
    int SheetIndex=0;
        InputStream  resourceAsStream =ClassLoader.getSystemResourceAsStream(filePath);
        HSSFWorkbook workbook = new HSSFWorkbook(resourceAsStream);
        sheet = workbook.getSheetAt(sheetIndex);

        //Here i am create my custom method to get column row on the basis of Sheet index. 
        columnLength = getNumberOfColumns(sheetIndex);
        writer = new CSVWriter(new FileWriter("c:\\yourfile.csv"));
        Iterator<Row> rows = sheet.rowIterator();
        while (rows.hasNext())
                rowData=new String[columnLength];
                HSSFRow row = (HSSFRow);
                Iterator<Cell> cells = row.cellIterator();
                i = 0;
                        while (cells.hasNext())
                            cell = (HSSFCell);
                            //Must do this, you need to get value based on the cell type
                                                switch (cell.getCellType())
                                                    case HSSFCell.CELL_TYPE_NUMERIC:

                                                    case HSSFCell.CELL_TYPE_STRING:

                                                    case HSSFCell.CELL_TYPE_BLANK:


                                                    default: break;
                                                }//end of switch
                                }//cell while loop
                 writer.writeNext(rowData);//writing data into file
            }//Row While loop

    catch (IOException ex)
        Logger.getLogger(CreateCSVFile.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex);

Method To getNumberofColumns:

 public int getNumberOfColumns(int SheetIndex)
    int NO_OF_Column=0;HSSFCell cell = null;
    HSSFSheet sheet=null;
            try {
                loadFile();  //load give Excel
                    sheet  = workbook.getSheetAt(SheetIndex);
                    Iterator rowIter = sheet.rowIterator();
                    HSSFRow firstRow = (HSSFRow);
                    Iterator cellIter = firstRow.cellIterator();
                          cell = (HSSFCell);
                    throw new InvalidSheetIndexException("Invalid sheet index.");
            } catch (Exception ex) {


    return NO_OF_Column;
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Please do not only post links as answers, but rather quote the most important parts so that it is safe against link rot. – pascalhein Jul 31 '13 at 18:17

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