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I have really simply domain model in scala:

package models
import org.joda.time.DateTime


import play.modules.morphia.Model;

class User(@Required val cid: String, val isAdmin: Boolean = false, @Required val dateJoined: DateTime = new DateTime() ) extends Model

the test code:

if (User.filter("cid", session.getId).get() == null) {


the first line of test code throws error:

Compilation error The file /app/controllers.scala could not be compiled. Error raised is : value filter is not a member of object models.User

I am unable to fix this problem. This is related application conf:

# what's your mongodb server port
# what's your database name
# Authentication to your mongodb server
# configure your ID field type
# could be either ObjectId or Long, default to ObjectId
# Set default write concern, see

I using play 1.2.2RC2. and morphia plugin morphia-1.2.1beta6

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I don't think PlayMorphia module works with Scala

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Found this Scala wrapper on the mailing list: – Marius Soutier Nov 16 '11 at 14:35

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