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I am using FourSquare api for searching a particular business

https://api.foursquare.com/v2/users/search?name=Spa Gregories&oauth_token=ACCESS_TOKEN

it is giving lots of result but not the result i expect. that is Spa Gregories 2710 Via De La Valle, Ste B-270 San Diego, California 92014 when i use https://foursquare.com/search?q=Spa+Gregories&near=san+diago then i got the exact result. So is their any way to find the business according the location. I have only name and city location to use for Search. I have also checked for the venues option but it asks for longitude and latitude. thnks

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Seems you're hitting the user search endpoint instead of the venue search.

Looks like this is the one you want:


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