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Can you recommend any good solution for automatic view variable escaping for Zend Framework 1.x?

I have tried so far:

  • ZF2 implementation; looks like it does not escape variables syntax like this: $this->var->object()->string
  • gnix-view, very nice, but has a nasty recursion bug
  • custom solutions based on view streams, similar to Rob Allen's escaper, but parsing syntax with regex always fails
  • Twig (no good support for view helpers and layout)
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if i would think to make an automatic escaper i would create a ZF plugin that run in postDispatch :

postDispatch() is called after an action is dispatched by the dispatcher. This callback allows for proxy or filter behavior. By altering the request and resetting its dispatched flag (via Zend_Controller_Request_Abstract::setDispatched(false)), a new action may be specified for dispatching. source

mybe some use of htmlprifier would be a smart job :)

class Automatic_Escaper extends Zend_Controller_Plugin_Abstract{
   public function postDispatch(Zend_Controller_Request_Abstract $request)
        $response = $this->getResponse();
        $htmlpurifier = Zend_Registry::get('purifier');
        $safe = $htmlpurifier->purify($response);
        return $this->setResponse($safe);

I hope I explained my idea regardless of the status the sample above .

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Here is my solution

 * Purifies all data passed to view
 * @author miholeus
class HTMLPurifier_View extends Zend_View {
    protected $_vars = array();

    public function __set($key, $val)

        if(is_string($val)) {
            $purified = $this->escape($val);
        } elseif(is_array($val)) {
            $purified = array_map(array($this, 'traverseSingle'), $val);
        } else { // other types: integers, bools, objects
            $purified = $this->traverseSingle($val);

        $this->_vars[$key] = array(
            'raw' => $val,
            'purified' => $purified

        return $this;

    public function getRaw($key)
        if(isset($this->_vars[$key])) {
            return $this->_vars[$key]['raw'];
        return null;

    public function __get($key)
        if(isset($this->_vars[$key])) {
            return $this->_vars[$key]['purified'];
        return null;

    private function traverseSingle($element)
        if(is_object($element)) {
            $reflect = new ReflectionObject($element);
            foreach ($reflect->getProperties(ReflectionProperty::IS_PUBLIC) as $prop) {
              $element->{$prop->getName()} = $this->escape($element->{$prop->getName()});
            return $element;
        } else {
            return $this->escape($element);

All you need to do is to set it as your view in bootstrap.

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Thanks. That's simple yet effective. I'm not sure about speed (reflection+loop), but for better memory management you may use lazy escaping in __get instead of __set. – takeshin Jul 5 '11 at 14:16

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