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I had a little question :
I tried to add a +1 to a NSString. The first time I push the button muButton, it does not add a +1, but repeats the "0" from the beginning. However, the second push and subsequent pushes to muButton does increment properly. Do you know what could fix this? Here's my code :

 - (IBAction)muButton {  
 if(count >= 999) return;  
 NSString *numValue = [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat:@"%d", count++];
result.text = numValue;
[numValue release];


- (void)viewDidLoad {  
result.text = @"0";  
[super viewDidLoad];



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if count == 0

then count++ == 0

++count == 1

Thats what happens when you use the ++ before the parameter as opposed to after.

c = 0
1 + (++c) == 2
1 + (c++) == 1
c == 1 AFTERWARDS in both cases 

When you use a pre-increment the ++ happens immediately as opposed to if you use a post-increment when it happens after the operations on the parameter take place.

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int var = count++;

is equal to :

int var = count;
count = count + 1;

maybe you want to use this :

int var = ++count;

is equal to :

count = count + 1;
int var = count;
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