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I have a successful query that is returning 8 items from REST_NAME columen of the RESTAURANT db. I have a successful databind but when I try to access the item in the LivtView I receive an error: 'System.String' does not contain a property with the name 'REST_NAME'.

LINQ query from Data Access Layer:

public IEnumerable<string> getRestaurants(int cuisineID)
    var restaurantList = from RESTAURANT in db.RESTAURANTs
                         where RESTAURANT.CUISINE_ID == cuisineID
                         orderby RESTAURANT.REST_NAME ascending
                         select RESTAURANT.REST_NAME;
    return restaurantList;

Function in Business Logic Layer:

public class BLgetRestaurants
    public IEnumerable<string> getRestaurants(int cuisineID)
        DLgetRestaurants obj = new DLgetRestaurants();
        var restaurantList = obj.getRestaurants(cuisineID);
        return restaurantList;

Front End call of Business Layer function:

BLgetRestaurants obj = new BLgetRestaurants();
var restaurantListing = obj.getRestaurants(cuisineID);
ListRestaurants.DataSource = restaurantListing;

*Finally, the ListView call to get the REST_NAME data:**

    <div id="RestName"><%#Eval("REST_NAME") %></div><br />
     <div id="ListItems">
          <div id="RestCuisine">Cuisine: </div>
          <div id="RestCity">Location: </div>
          <div id="RestAvgRating">Average Rating: </div>
          <div id="RestPrice">Price: </div> 

Thanks for your help! ~susan~

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 <div id="RestName"><%# Container.DataItem %></div><br />

You can use <%#Eval("REST_NAME") %> if you are dealing with IEnumerable<Restaurant> which has REST_NAME as one of it's fields. But since you are using IEnumerable<string> you cannot do that.

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Thank you!!! I'm trying to teach myself LINQ and have been struggling a bit. Your help was greatly appreciated. – SUSAN Jul 1 '11 at 15:06

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