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I'm using InfoPath 2010 to customize a SharePoint 2010 list form. The Infopath form shows data from two SharePoint lists, a Parent list and Child list. The Parent list is the primary data connection. The Child list is a repeating table bound to a secondary data connection. I would like to add an "Open" link to each row in the repeating table that links to the full child record.

The link would be something like http://myserver/_layouts/listform.aspx?ListId={LIST_GUID}&ID=THE_LIST_ITEM_ID.

To do this I bascially want to add a column to the repeating table and use XPath to generate the link tag but I can't figure out how to do that.

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As you've said, you simply add a new field to the repeating table with data-type "Hyperlink (anyURI) and then you set the default value of that field to "concact(http://myserver/_layouts/listform.aspx?ListId=; LIST_GUID)" where as the LIST_GUID is a field of that same repeating table

i've created a test-form where ive done exactly that -

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