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I'd like to execute a query from the shell (not in the interactive psql client) and have it print the CSV or TSV representation of the output to STDOUT. How do you do that with psql or one of the PostgreSQL command-line tools?

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If you are using PostgreSQL 8.2 or newer, use this for CSV:

psql -c "COPY (<select query>) TO STDOUT WITH CSV"

and this of TSV, with proper NULLs:

psql -c "COPY (<select query>) TO STDOUT WITH NULL AS ''"

The CSV form will properly quote any fields that contain the double-quote character. See the PostgreSQL documentation of your specific version for more details and options for COPY.

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I love Postgres! –  dan Jun 29 '11 at 16:52
It really does make this stuff easy, don't it? Imagine the answer from some of the "big database vendors"... First install this 64 Meg package and then run this export tool that has the most arcane syntax imaginable. Be careful not to delete your whole database while using it. :) –  Scott Marlowe Jun 29 '11 at 17:18

Starting from Bohemian's answer, I found these flags useful:

psql my_database -U myuser -A -F , -X -t -f /path/to/query.sql -o /path/to/output.csv
  • Unaligned output mode: -A
  • Use comma as field delimiter: -F ,
  • Do not read psqlrc: -X
  • Tuples only (no header/footer): -t
  • File containing SQL query: -f
  • Output file: -o
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EDITED: Using -F

Use commas via -F and use "unaligned table output mode" -A:

psql my_database -U myuser -A -F , -c "select * from mytable"
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This will give problems if your separator character appears in values of the column. –  Red15 Oct 23 '12 at 11:54
-F requires -A to work, keep in mind –  albfan Oct 3 '13 at 17:32

You can specify the field separator with the -F command line parameter to psql

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Also possible is the copy command which allows you to specify header, delimiters and quoting options

psql my_database -U my_user -c "copy (select, from my_table_a as a inner join my_table_b as b on = to STDOUT"
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