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In our watir automation, there are several parts when we were wating pop ups with code like this:

win_exists = Watir.autoit.winWait('Message from webpage',5)

A few day ago, we were trying the new version of watir 1.9, that tries to replace the autoit with the rautomation :D(autoit works but in a dirty way).

What would be the equivalent in rautomation to this autoit method?

Protip: I suppose that someone who can create the tag rautomation will have a new badge (not enough points)

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Equivalent for that code would be:

win_exists = RAutomation::Window.new(:title => "Message from webpage").exists? # true/false

You can read more about RAutomation from it's web page at https://github.com/jarmo/RAutomation/blob/master/README.rdoc or from one of the blog posts i've written in the past at http://www.itreallymatters.net/post/2352350743/automating-windows-and-their-controls-with-ruby

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