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What the ... argument means in the declaration static void info(const char *fmt,...) ?

It's part of an C library I recently started to use. Sorry if it's basic C stuff but I never saw that before and google is not so verbose about ... !

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It means variable arguments, which means the compiler will accept and compile calls to it with any arguments. Usually their types are indicated by values in preceeding arguments.

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variable arguments was the key words I was looking for ! –  vrince Jun 29 '11 at 14:17

It is variable argument (Variadic function). It is just like printf.

 int printf(const char *format, ...)

For more info, check this.

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If a functions last argument is written as ... that means that the function takes arbitrarily many arguments (of arbitrary types as far as the compiler concerned - the function may of course require specific types, but the compiler has no way of enforcing those types).

These arguments can then be accessed using the va_* set of functions from stdarg.h.

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It takes a variable number of arguments in your method. I found this article explaining the details. It gets very complicated very quickly as you can see.

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