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I need to use aspectj in a maven project. I installed the maven plugin for eclipse (m2e), the maven aspectj plugin, and also AJDT for Eclipse. So now, when i open a new project i have "Maven Project" and "AspectJ Project". how can i make a new project that is Maven AspectJ project? I did not found any reference for that, so you are my only hope. thanks

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  1. Go to Help > Install New Software...
  2. Use this software repository:
  3. Install the AJDT m2e Configurator

Source: (Andrew Eisenberg)

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You should add the maven-aspectj-plugin to your build plugins section in your pom.xml as in:

          <!-- use this goal to weave all your main classes -->
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This answer is also of benefit. – KomodoDave Aug 24 '12 at 20:00

Check AJDT project configurator for m2eclipse

The m2eclipse-AJDT plugin detect that the pom.xml contains the aspectj-maven-plugin and add automatically the relevant AJDT nature and configuration to the project when importing it in eclipse.

I think some effort have bean made for the plugin to work with version 0.12 of m2eclipse , dont know if it's worked.

I already try the plugin with m2eclipse 0.10 and it worked well.

See GitHub m2eclipse-ajdt project
See Move AJDT integration out of main m2e source tree

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You will have to add the relevant project facets to your project configuration in eclipse after adding the AspectJ support in your maven pom.xml.

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  1. Firstly we need to make sure AJDT (AspectJ development tools) is installed for eclipse. Check out the latest or appropriate version of AJDT for your Eclipse. (
  2. Secondly install "AJDT m2e Configurator" using this repository (As Hendy described above).
  3. If you have previously installed m2eclipse, you need to uninstall it before performing step 2.
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