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I have to servers with Apache-PHP-MySQL. First is Linux, second is Windows.

The PHP script use simpleXML to save string as files XML using asXML(file_name). On Linux - saves all files in encoding UTF-8. But on Windows depends - if there are characters with accents in string like òèà... - saves as ANSI, if no - saves as UTF-8. Exists a parameter in php.ini or something else that can ensure that encoding of file is always UTF-8? Thanks.

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Why should this matter? The encoding attribute tells the parser how to read it. – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Jun 29 '11 at 14:46

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mysqli_set_charset($this->connect,'utf8'); ensure that from db you receive in utf-8 encoding.

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My guess is that you're actually adding the characters in ANSI. I doubt simplexml does automatic conversion of your characters.. so make sure you're already using valid UTF-8 strings beforehand.

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According to this comment:; SimpleXML will convert everything to UTF-8 no matter what.

If you want to change it, you may want to look into xml_parser_create() instead, but it only supports ISO-8859-1, US-ASCII and UTF-8 as source encodings.

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