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I am trying to create an msbuild project where dependency information is read from a text file. I have a text file named project.dep which contains a semicolon separated list of project names. In this example the file contains a;b;c;d

I expected the code below to generate two identical item lists:


    <from_file_items Include="$(from_file)" />
    <inline_items Include="$(inline)" />

<Target Name="Test">
    <Message Text="file: @(from_file_items->'%(filename).item')" />
    <Message Text="inline: @(inline_items->'%(filename).item')" />

But the result is different:

    file: a;b;c;d.item
    inline: a.item;b.item;c.item;d.item

This is not what I expected. I need to map each name in the file to a separate item. Any ideas?

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When read from the file, the entire contents is considered a single item, so "a;b;c;d" -- when passed into the item specification when @(from_file_items) is defined -- isn't being split up the same way it is when passed to @(inline_items). MSBuild is escaping the value, you need to unescape it.

Change this:

<from_file_items Include="$(from_file)" />

to this:

<from_file_items Include="$([MSBuild]::Unescape($(from_file)))" />
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Great answer. Thanks, that was exactly the problem. –  samwise Jun 29 '11 at 15:53

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