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I've created a View Based Application in XCode4; when creating the application I selected iPhone as the Device Family:

enter image description here

The application was created with the following files:

enter image description here

I designed the UI on the TestushViewController.xib file and without adding any code in the Delegate files, the application is uploading immediately to the TestushViewController.xib view and I'm very happy about it.

Now I want to add an iPad xib. How do I do that?

(I knew how to do it in XCode 3, but I used some code in the Delegate file, and now if I try to use the same code it doesn't work because the template default implementation works differently - Apple uses @class TestushViewController and s*elf.window.rootViewController = self.viewController* and it goes directly to the iPhone.xib. I don't know how to go around it without changing the entire thing to the way it was done in XCode3)

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You'll need to structure your code in a similar way that the Window Template does. The file structure that template uses when the "Universal" option is ticked at creation is:

App Name/

The iPhone and iPad AppDelegates are simply subclasses of the AppNameAppDelegate

@interface YourAppNameAppDelegate_iPhone : YourAppNameAppDelegate {}

In your target summary you can set what .xib file is initially loaded for each device. It is called the "Main Interface" and has a pulldown menu.

Quite frankly, if you're wanting to do a universal app (iPhone + iPad) it's probably easier just to start with the Window Template and add in your view controllers instead of starting with the View template and trying to change it up.

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Hi Andrew, thanks for the specified answer. I think I'm not getting something very basic here - if I set the "Main Interface" to the iPhoneViewController.xib and iPadViewController.xib the application crushes. Considering that I wish to have 1 View Controller (h and m files) for both iPhone and iPad xib, I'm not clear regarding to where I should write which code line/s to have this distinction. –  Ohad Regev Jul 3 '11 at 10:27
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