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I need to search a word in a existing pdf file and i want to highlight the text or word

and save the pdf file

I have an idea using PdfAnnotation.CreateMarkup we could find the position of the text and we can add bgcolor to it...but i dont know how to implement it :(

Please help me out

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This is one of those "sounds easy but is actually really complicated" things. See Mark's posts here and here. Ultimately you'll probably be pointed to LocationTextExtractionStrategy. Good luck! If you actually find out how to do it post it here, there several people wondering exactly what you are wondering!

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Any solution found in 2016 ? Working on the same issue. Used LocationTextExtractionStrategy and captured the coordinates of the glyphs. But, unable to highlight text which spreads across multiple lines. The solution here ( created a new annotation, if Y coordinates are different, which is not the desired solution. – user2463026 Apr 29 at 5:47

I've found how to do this, just in case someone needs to get words or sentences with locations (coordinates) from a PDF document you'll find this example Project HERE , I used VB.NET 2010 for this. Remember to add a reference to your iTextSharp DLL in this Project.

I added my own TextExtraction Strategy Class, based on Class LocationTextExtractionStrategy. I focused on TextChunks, because they already have these coordinates.

There are some known limitations like:

  • No multiple line searches (phrases), just char/s or word's or a one line sentence are allowed.
  • It Won't work with rotated text.
  • I didn't test on PDFs with landscape page orientation but i assume some modifications may be required for this.
  • In case you need to draw this HighLight/rectangles over a watermark you'll need to add/modify some code, but just code in the Form, this is not related to the text/locations extraction proccess.
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@Jcis, I actually managed a workaround for handling multiple searches using your example as a starting point. I use your project as a reference in a c# project, and altered what it does. Instead of just highlighting I actually have it drawing a white rectangle around the search term, and then using the rectangle coordinates, place a form field. I also had to swap the contentbyte writing mode to getovercontent so that I block out the searched text entirely. What I actually did was to create a string array of search terms, and then using a for loop, I create as many different text fields as I need.

        Test.Form1 formBuilder = new Test.Form1();

        string[] fields = new string[] { "%AccountNumber%", "%MeterNumber%", "%EmailFieldHolder%", "%AddressFieldHolder%", "%EmptyFieldHolder%", "%CityStateZipFieldHolder%", "%emptyFieldHolder1%", "%emptyFieldHolder2%", "%emptyFieldHolder3%", "%emptyFieldHolder4%", "%emptyFieldHolder5%", "%emptyFieldHolder6%", "%emptyFieldHolder7%", "%emptyFieldHolder8%", "%SiteNameFieldHolder%", "%SiteNameFieldHolderWithExtraSpace%" };
        //int a = 0;
        for (int a = 0; a < fields.Length; )
            string[] fieldNames = fields[a].Split('%');
            string[] fieldName = Regex.Split(fieldNames[1], "Field");
            formBuilder.PDFTextGetter(fields[a], StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase, htmlToPdf, finalhtmlToPdf, fieldName[0]);
            System.Array.Clear(fieldNames, 0, 2);
            System.Array.Clear(fieldName, 0, 1);
            if (a == fields.Length)
            string[] fieldNames1 = fields[a].Split('%');
            string[] fieldName1 = Regex.Split(fieldNames1[1], "Field");
            formBuilder.PDFTextGetter(fields[a], StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase, finalhtmlToPdf, htmlToPdf, fieldName1[0]);
            System.Array.Clear(fieldNames1, 0, 2);
            System.Array.Clear(fieldName1, 0, 1);

It bounces the PDFTextGetter function in your example back and forth between two files until I achieve the finished product. It works really well, and it would not have been possible without your initial project, so thank you for that. I also altered your VB to do the text field mapping like so;

           For Each rect As iTextSharp.text.Rectangle In MatchesFound
                cb.Rectangle(rect.Left, rect.Bottom + 1, rect.Width, rect.Height + 4)
                Dim field As New TextField(stamper.Writer, rect, FieldName & Fields)
                Dim form = stamper.AcroFields
                Dim fieldKeys = form.Fields.Keys
                stamper.AddAnnotation(field.GetTextField(), page)
                Fields += 1

Just figured I would share what I managed to do with your project as a backbone. It even increments the field names as I need them to. I also had to add a new parameter to your function, but that's not worth listing here. Thank you again for this great head start.

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Excellent! glad it's been useful for you. My code has been made for someone who wanted to place rectangles over words to hide them, in that particular case just calling Fill() without setting any colors did the trick, but i changed to a hightlighting example to be able to place my code in this thread. – Jcis Jul 30 '12 at 7:26

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