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I'm using the common practice of catching errors in global.asax in my ASP.net application. In global.asax, I have a function Application_Error that logs the errors to the database.

This works very well to log errors that occur when the user requests a page.

However, this does nothing to help when an asynchronous method (a method decorated with the [WebMethod] attribute) called from the client-side throws an exception. The exception simply bubbles up and may be returned to the client-side code, but I would like to have the error handling code run on the server automatically similar to how page errors are logged in global.asax.

How do I accomplish this? One way would be to wrap every single asynchronous method with try-catch, but this doesn't seem like a good solution to me.

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How to create a global exception handler for a Web Service

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That approach does not appear to be valid for calling WebMethods via AJAX GET/POST, only for SOAP webservice calls. –  Carson63000 Jun 5 '14 at 7:39

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