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I'm trying to write a Javascript regex that matches words with less than 3 letters (and doesn't match longer words). I can't see why this doesn't work.

                var re = new RegExp("(\W|^)\w{0,2}(\W|$)", "gi");
                var text = "ab ab";
                var matched = re.test(text);


I tried to get a minimum example, but I have more requirements, if the example is not complete I'll edit and add whatever is necessary.

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Your \s are being treated as Javascript escapes, so the actual value of the regex is "(W|^)w{0,2}(W|$)".

Instead, use a regex literal: /(\W|^)\w{0,2}(\W|$)/gi

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nice +1. I know it was in the OP, but I don't think you need the i modifier with \w jsfiddle.net/cordsen/VQRPK –  cordsen Jun 29 '11 at 16:22

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