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I created a HTML form and connect the file to PHP for retrieving the data.

Although both files are on the same directory but when I open the HTML file (copy and past the file address on the Firefox or IE) after getting the info, my PHP doesn’t read the info and just giving me the variable name instead of correct entered info (like: Hello $userName).

Although my codes are correct in both PHP and HTML ( I copy and past a code from a book to test it.) but no response.

This makes me crazy that why it doesn’t work. I even tried to copy HTML and PHP on my hdoc for XMAPP but no luck. The same thing I tested on phpdesigner 7 but no response.

Even I opened the book CD to read the file but nothing work!

Please help me!

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Please include the code in your question. –  Tim Cooper Jun 29 '11 at 16:16
Any attempt to answer this without seeing code will only be conjecture. –  shanethehat Jun 29 '11 at 16:18
It is very difficult, at least for me to understand what you are asking or doing. or what you mean by "connect the file to PHP". It would be helpful if you can provide some of the code you are dealing with, and other helpful pieces of information. –  stephenbayer Jun 29 '11 at 16:19
Are you even using a web server, or only loading the php file in Firefox? –  Michael Berkowski Jun 29 '11 at 16:19

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Your code would be helpful, but are you using double or single quotes?

For example:

$username = 'Bob';
echo 'Hello $username'; //prints Hello $username
echo 'Hello '.$username; //prints Hello Bob
echo "Hello $username"; //prints Hello Bob
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  1. Make sure php is up and running. Paste the code below in your page and refresh your browser. You should see a list of information about your php environment. If not that means there is problem with php or with the web server.
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
  1. Make sure you wrap your code with ""

  2. Enable php error reporting. If there is a problem with your code, php will give you proper feedback.

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