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I did this:

from urllib import urlopen
import nltk
url =
html = urlopen(url).read()
cleanhtml = nltk.clean_html(html)

I now have a long string in python which is full of text interrupted periodically by windows newlines /r/n, and I simply want to remove all of the occurrences of /r/n from the string using a regular expression. First I want to replace it with a space. As such, I did this:

import re
textspaced = re.sub("'\r\n'", r"' '", cleanhtml) didn't work. So what am I doing wrong?

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Just a small syntax error:

htmlspaced = re.sub(r"\r\n", " ", html)

should work.

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There's no need to use regular expressions, just

htmlspaced = html.replace('\r\n', ' ')

Your program didn't work since you added additional quotes, you only need one set.

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Duh. Of course :) Much better than using a regex in this case. – Tim Pietzcker Jun 29 '11 at 16:22

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