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I am trying to define variables in a Makefile, according to conditions. As ifeq can be run only in rules, I have added an additional rule (def_rule) I refer to for each rule.

Example (sorry I cannot insert code in a pretty way):

ifeq ($(TARGET), android)
    echo "native build" 

all: def_rule tp xi_eid_chipset.o

Unfortunately, invoking make all returns this:

ifeq (linux, android) /bin/sh: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")") make: * [def_rule] Error 2

I cannot figure out why. I have just followed examples in GNU Make documentation.

Do you know how to do conditional defines in Makefiles ?

Best Regards, Apple92

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Conditionals can be outside of rules:

ifeq ($(TARGET), android)
 $(info Android)
 $(info native build)
 CC=something else

(Note that I've tossed in a few leading spaces, just to make it easier to read-- they are neither necessary nor harmful.)

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