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I want to switch from the index.html file to a second html file called projects.html in a PhoneGap App on Android. If I write something like <a href="projects.html">Second Page</a> the projects.html page opens, but I get a prompt "[]" and then "usePolling" and then "getPort". In adb logcat the error "D/PhoneGapLog( 3288): file:///android_asset/www/phonegap.0.9.6.js: Line 810 : JSCallback Error: Request failed." appears. Looking around on the internet using multiple html files seems to me to be some kind of an issue with phonegap. Any ideas how I could get this to work?

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As a solution for this problem, you can either edit phonegap.0.9.5.js and comment out all lines that contain the prompt() function (there are six lines).

Or you download PhoneGap 0.9.4 (PhoneGap 0.9.4 doesn't use the prompt() function), extract the phonegap.0.9.4.js file from it, delete phonegap.0.9.5.js from the assets/www/ directory and place phonegap.0.9.4.js in the assets/www/ directory instead.

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I changed to phonegap version 1.0. This fixed the problem.

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It also happens if you create a PhoneGap Android app following Quickstart page http://wiki.phonegap.com/w/page/30862722/phonegap-android-eclipse-quickstart

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Not sure if you have a solution to the above but I was getting the same until I changed the reference to the phonegap.0.9.6.js to not include the version info in each html page . ie just use phonegap.js where you indclude it in the script tags

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