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what's your XML viewer of choice from within KDE? Something that formats the XML decently. I've searched around but have not found anything reasonable.

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i just open in Kate, if formatting is an issue, filter it through xmllint --format. of course i have the filter plugin active, so it's right in the menu

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Very useful hint! To format selected part of a document use: xmllint --format - (with trailing minus) –  Jonatan Kaźmierczak Jul 8 at 12:39


depending on your system and if you want syntax highlighting :)

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For visual editing use Congolemerate or Kxmleditor.

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What do you mean by "Decent"?

I don't work with XML much, but Firefox does a somewhat good job, for what I need.

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sorry for the blurriness:) basically, just something that formats and colourises the XML reasonably. i currently also use Firefox, but was hoping to find something native to KDE and lightweight. i see that Phil Nash asked something similar, but his question seemed specific to windows –  Justin Lawrence Mar 16 '09 at 22:51

Just went through the same thing myself and didn't find good options for KDE.

However! Here are some other options:

  • There are two Chrome Browser extensions

    1. XV (my favorite) found here: XV at chrome app store. It has a pre-collapsed source view (configurable depth), as well as an outline view and XPath query feature.
    2. myXMLia found here: myXMLia at chrome app store. It has a nice XML grid view like I guess some high-end viewers have.
  • There is also a windows tool (with out-dated debian package from 2008), whose windows version runs fine under wine. It includes a pre-collapsed source view, an XPath query feature, an XML diff tool, and a nice XSLT transformation tool, which is pretty cool.

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A quick and generic solution to view xmls cross-OS could be this web app. It runs on every browser (at least they claim so). You just copy & paste the xml and click submit to display it in a tree view.

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