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So, I've read a lot about using ExtJS's fileuploadfield to submit a form via an IFRAME. I understand that I'm supposed to reply with a JSON object indicating success or failure; fine. What I want to know is, how can I get more information back to the calling code? I don't want to simple send a file and say "yup, that worked fine" -- I want to submit a document, act on it, and return a result.

Say I have the user upload an XML document -- I might want to do a lookup or conversion based on it and update the contents of a form on my page accordingly. Is this even possible? I'd strongly prefer to avoid involving Flash or embedded applets if at all possible. If need be, I could even restrict this behavior to HTML5-compliant browsers...

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I honestly thought I wasn't seeing the response I sent, but it was a server-side error. My success callback is now firing, with the full text of my server's response available as f.responseText (where f is the first argument to the success callback). My mistake!

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